SNAPY welcome brands and influencers from all over the world, allowing for global strategies and purpose driven campaigns.

What is Snapy?

SNAPY is a next-generation Web3, reward-based social media application that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion, and user-generated income inside a single mobile application. Simply take a picture, add a description,
including a few relevant hashtags, post it and waiting for people to comment or upvoting your post. The amount you earn is based on the amount and the quality of upvotes you receive from users of Snapy.

Content and engagement are the core value on a social media platform.

Unlike on any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value and revenue goes to the corporate shareholders, SNAPY enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue, as well as a creative influence within the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token “SPY”


The more SPY power users hold in their wallet, the higher the weight of their vote and influence over the assigned rewards.

Join the community

SNAPY has a fast growing community which is constantly providing input for the best user experience. Join the movement and be part of a great journey.


20+ Categories

SNAPY utilizes the power of social media influence by integrating brand content into the ecosystem across varying categories. Each category has a representative, or category director, who is an expert in their field that has built a reputation and audience on other social media platforms.